Bpoint1 Great rates for couples living at same address
Bpoint1 Couples can be composed of any gender
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Bpoint1 Cover for travellers aged from 18 to 80
Bpoint1 Single trip > up to 80 years > max 12 months
Bpoint1 Annual Multi trip > up to 74 > Up to 31 days ski
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Couples ski insurance


If you are a couple who resided at the same address for more than 6 months and you are planning a wintersports trip to the mountains this winter then the options for ski insurance are numerous and the prices in most cases are discounted when compared to the cost of buying two individual policies. If this is your only planned trip then a single trip ski insurance will be your most economic option whereas if you make multiple trips abroad then a multitrip annual ski insurance policy will definitely provide the best value for money.


The price of a ski insurance policy for a couple is based on a number of factors apart from whether it-s a single trip or an annual multi trip policy. Policies in Europe will always be cheaper than those to the United States and Canada because of the unique way that countries within the EU zone provide reciprocal health care to EU residents via its EHIC scheme. European holidays also tend to cost less than those further afield and so travellers can opt for a policy with lower cancellation levels.


The following are the factors you need to be aware of when making a choice of policy;


  • • Planning a single ski holiday, then go for a single trip ski policy.

  • • If you have more than one holiday planned in a year, then look at the annual multi trip prices, they tend to be better value.

  • • Make sure you get a policy with sufficient cancellation cover for your ski holiday in the event you need to cancel. If your holiday costs two grand then make sure you have enough cover. Cancelling is stressful enough but not getting all your money back and being out of pocket will only add salt to the wound.

  • • Do you take medication or do you have a pre-existing medical condition that you need to declare. Most stable conditions are covered but failure to do so may affect the policy and may leave you out of pocket. Best bet call us on 08434 590 878 to be sure.

  • • Look at the sporting activities lists for each policy. Do you have all the sports you want covered? Upgrades can be expensive so plan as far ahead as you can and add now.

  • • Make sure your annual policy has enough ski days. They are not unlimited! We have options between 14 and 31 days cover.

  • • If price is an issue, fine tune your policy by removing baggage or cancellation cover or changing the ski insurance policy excess can drop the price by up to a third.

  • • If you are taking away expensive gear or valuables, then make sure you have enough personal belongings cover.

  • • If you have questions then call us. We are open 7 days a week from 9am to 8pm on 08434 590 878. National call rates apply and we are always happy to help.



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