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  • Off piste within resort areas
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  • Helicopter Rescue if needed
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Seasonnaires ski insurance

No limits on your Ski Days, so go as often as you can!

Its almost a passage of life, to go away and spend a winter season working as a seasonaire in a chalet or bar or pounding the local airport doing "meet and greet" as a company rep.

Whatever you choose to do in resort you will need a comprehensive ski season insurance to cover you for your time away and more importantly to cover you on the mountain for the full duration of your stay.

As a seasonaire when choosing a winter sports insurance it's important to bear a number of factors in mind. The ski holiday insurance and pricing depends on many factors such as length of stay, how many days you have free to ski and board, the sporting activities you wish to engage in or whether you need comprehensive cover for your laptops, iphones and all the other high value portable items which you may wish to take with you.




27% of travellers wrongly assume that the EHIC Card will provide urgent emergency care and repatriation services back to the UK




Many travellers don’t understand the difference between their European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) and a Winter Sports Policy. Whilst your EHIC card will provide care in a state run hospital, most accidents on the mountain result in you being taken to a local clinic. Your costs there will not be covered and neither will the costs of getting you off the mountain. If your injuries are serious your EHIC card makes no provision to get you home and will not provide costs for someone to accompany you.

As a team here at Skicover we have numerous members who have done many seasons both in Europe and further afield so we often find a 5 minute chat can help us narrow down the best ski insurance for your needs. We appreciate that most are looking for the most cost effective solution however if you are determined to heli ski or take away a couple of grands worth of computers, cameras and iphone then a chat would be worth your while. We are open 7 days a week on 0330 880 5099.



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