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Ski insurance Cancellation Cover


Did you know?


• £1,488 (3) – Average cost of a one-week holiday for family of four of travel and accommodation. (4) 
• £3,000 to 5,000 – Typical level of cover for cancellation claims, less a £50-75 excess. 
• 246,000 – Number of people helped with claims for the cost of cancelling a holiday in 2009. (5)


(3) Source: Churchill Insurance. Based on £372 expenditure on travel and  accommodation per person per week.


(4) Britain’s Holiday Spending Revealed. Confused.com, August 2010.
http://www.confused.com/news/travel/travel-insurance/britons-holiday-spending-revealed-1787641000 [Accessed: 06/10/10]


(5) ABI claims data.


Why does Ski insurance matter?


One of the most common reasons people make a claim on their ski insurance policy is when they have to cancel their trip because something unexpected has happened between making a booking and the date of travel. There are a number of different reasons why people need to cancel holiday plans, some of which are covered by our ski travel insurance policies. Where cover is available, the policy will provide compensation for financial loss.


If you are going on an expensive trip, it is important to make sure that the cancellation cover limit is enough to cover the full cost of your trip.


What does Ski insurance cancellation cover do?


All providers offer standard cover insuring against accident, illness and abandonment following a delay. A cancelled trip is typically compensated if you:


• fall ill or have an accident;
• are made redundant;
• are called up on jury service;
• are quarantined because of sickness; or
• experience a long delay to the planned departure and your trip has to be abandoned.


Examples of those situations in which ski holiday insurance policies typically do not provide additional cover include:


• If the accident and illness of you, a family member or travelling companion in circumstances could be ‘foreseen’. For instance, you are unlikely to be covered if you were sick when booking the trip or the claim is related to an existing medical condition of a ‘non travelling close relative’ that was not declared and accepted by the insurer. 
• If self-employed, you are unlikely to qualify for cover in the event of redundancy. 
• If the trip has to be abandoned, delays caused by air traffic control failure or computer failures are usually excluded.


Compensation might be paid if a close relative or travelling companion falls ill or has an accident, but you should check with your insurer before cancelling the trip. Some policies might provide additional cover in other circumstances outlined below.