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Medical Screening


Medical Screening notes


As a company we use a number of insurers and they each have different approaches to medical screening. In the main their approaches have improved and we have amongst our stable of product, insurers who will cover in excess of a 1,000 medical conditions.


If you have any questions about your medical condition and which policy is most suitable then we encourage you to


Call our Call Centre on 0330 880 5099.


This office is open 7 days a week and based on your responses we can in most cases provide you with a policy which covers your condition at no extra cost.


With regard to travel insurance, what is a pre-existing medical condition?


Whilst the rules vary between our insurers with some being more strict, in the main we are interested in any serious conditions which have required a visit to a hospital or to a specialist in the last 12-24 months. It is important that you read the policy wording for an exact description of what each insurer covers.


However many conditions dont need to be declared via a medical screening line but we always advise that your call and speak to one of insurance team to verify which of our travel insurance policies are suitable for your conditions. It may also be that one travel insurance company will only cover a single item in isolation, say high blood pressure but wont cover you if you also have raised cholesterol. This is where our experience becomes vital as we would then advise of you other insurers who would cover provide all of your medications have been stable over the three period to taking out the travel insurance policy.


We can provide for travel insurance for  prexisting conditions such as high blood pressure, cancer, heart conditions, high cholesterol, asthma, diabetes, down syndrome etc providing you call to discuss first so that we can advise on the most suitable policy. Call centre number is 0330 880 5099.