Ski instructors insurance are specialist providers of wintersports ski insurance for those people employed abroad as skiing or snowboarding instructors. Now, we have a lot of experience with this type of insurance especially as some of our staff have worked abroad teaching and  its important that those people who are looking for instructors insurance understand what they need and what they dont need. 

So before you go off and buy yourself a policy we recommend you do a little "fact find" to understand what you need to provide cover whilst your away.


Questions you need to ask before buying?


Does my employer provide any insurance benefits if you injure yourself at work? 

This is important because most insurance policies bought by ski instructors provide cover for non paid activities only so its important that your are covered whilst you are at work or during your "daily commute".

If your employer does provide health benefits at work then the Bronze Silver and Gold policies will cover you whislt working and during your leisure time provided you have Action Pack 4. If they dont provide any health benefits then you need action pack 5, found under the Actvities tab of the Bronze, Silver and Gold policies.


If you are fully insured and just need cover for your free skiing and leisure time?

The Leisure, Action and Extreme policies cover long stay trips on a leisure non professional basis. Whislt the levels of cover are the same the more high risk and extreme activities are covered by the Action and Extreme levels of cover. 


So what insurance do you need?

The fact that you are reading this shows that you are aware of the risks and are looking for a solution. As to our part we can provide a complete package which covers you for the complete duration of your trip and includes the time you spend working on the mountain or we can provide a policy which just provides cover outside of working hours. Whilst this will be a cheaper option it does have its drawbacks as discussed above.

Remember as well that an insurance policy is also not limited to medical cover only and our policies provide a whole raft of benefits not covered by a normal employee scheme. Baggage, missed flights, lost passports, broken ski gear, the list goes on but what is evident is that we have schemes to complement what your employer on the mountain provides.

In all cases we think it's worth a quick chat with us to determine whats best for you. We are open 7 days a week from 9am in the morning until 7pm in the evening so give us a call as we do know what we are talking about.


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