Single trip ski insurance

Single trip Winter Sports insurance policies are specifically designed for a single winter sports holiday. They are suitable for single travellers, couples or families and cover all ages from children through to skiers and boarders who are aged up to 85.

A single trip winter sports travel insurance policy is not designed exclusively for skiing or snowboarding. The policy has been created to include the risk associated with a wide range of winter sports activities including tobogganing and ice skating. It's important when purchasing your policy that you review the activities table associated with each policy to ensure that the activity you wish to partake in is covered

The winter sports travel insurance policies we feature are sourced from a number of underwriters in order to give you variety. Each will differ slightly in terms of levels of ski cover and this in turn will determine the price. The price shown on our site is the full price for the policy and includes the insurance premium tax at the applicable rate

Our approach has always been to offer the traveller the choice when it comes to travel insurance. Following a simple quote stage where we determine your needs, the policy options are laid out on screen in such a way that you can easily see what is covered and more importantly what's not covered under each policy




Did you know?

While having a current EHIC (European Health Insurance Card), or if it has expired its successor GHIC (Global Health Insurance Card), entitles you to state-provided healthcare when visiting the European Union, neither are an alternative to travel insurance as they will not cover all medical costs, or any repatriation back to the UK on medical grounds.

In one case, while the GHIC paid for 80% of the cost of treating injuries from a fall in France, this still left £16,000 outstanding, including return to the UK on a stretcher all of which needed to be covered by the traveller. (1)




It is important to purchase your winter sports travel insurance as soon as your holiday is booked as the policy will provide protection should you need to cancel your holiday in advance of going away and make sure the policy has sufficient levels of cancellation cover should the need arise. Often we hear of clients choosing the cheapest insurance option and then being out of pocket when they came to claim as they had paid for a holiday far in excess of the limits of the policy.

Also make sure that you choose a policy which has the right levels of cover for baggage and ski equipment. If you are taking lots of gear and you wanted it covered then you will have to pay slightly more.


 (1) Association of British Insurers data