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Ski insurance

Save up to 65%


Single Trip Ski insurance


Single trip ski insurance policies are specifically designed for a single holiday. They are suitable for single travellers, couples or families and cover all ages from children through to travellers who are aged up to 84. Our single trip policies cover you for a variety of winter sports activities including skiing and snowboarding and all will cover you both on piste and off piste providing you observe local safety alerts and guidelines.  We have policies available that provide cover in Europe, South America Australia and the Far East and North America and prices start from £7.


Annual Multi Trip Ski Insurance


Annual Multi trip ski insurance policies are specifically designed to cover any trips you book or make during the 1 calendar year that the policy is in force.  This includes both winter and summer holidays and the polices will cover sporting activities other than just skiing and snowboarding. They are suitable for single travellers, couples or families and cover all ages from children up to those aged 79 and we have options for travel Worldwide or in Europe only. Annual multi trip policies do have some restrictions including a maximum number of days skiing during the calendar year so you must ensure that you have a policy which provides sufficient cover for all your planned trips. 


Seasonairres ski insurance


When choosing a ski insurance policy for a season it's important to bear a number of factors in mind. The pricing depends on many factors such as length of stay, how many days you have free to get on the mountain, the sporting activities you wish to engage in. These policies are suitable for those working in resort in bars and restaurants or working in chalets provided they are not engaged in heavy manual work, operating heavy machinery such as snow ploughs or working above heading. Click above to get a quote.


Ski Instructor Course Insurance


Instructor courses are intensive in nature and not cheap as often include flights, accommodation, transfers, tuition and room and board. In most cases the organizers refund policy due to medical injury will not cover pre paid course fees, therefore you need to ensure that you have instructor course ski insurance which has been specifically designed for such eventuality and provides good cover for courses fees pre-travel and if required during the stay as well. Our Wintersports Instructor Course Insurance policies cover for course fees up to £10k and cover all aspects of the course itinerary including racing, back country trips and avalanche courses.


Ski Instructors Insurance


Skicover.com are specialist providers of ski insurance  for those people employed abroad as instructors. Variety of options available to suit all needs and designed to compliment local health packages offered by your local overseas employer.


Snowboarding Insurance


A ski insurance policy is vital for any snowboarding holiday as they are tailored to provide additional cover where it matters. Snowboarding as a sport has risks independent to those ofm other winter sports and injuries tend to be different in nature. With two feet strapped into a board it means that recovery from a stumble can be difficult and catching an edge is that much easier. Wrists and head injuries lead the way and with the recent vogue for terrain and snowboard parks it means that boarders are encouraged to spend time doing tricks and jumps. Our team have extensive experience  and can provide excellent advice as to why snowboard insurance is so valuable when planning a trip abroad.


Off Piste Insurance


Under our wintersports policies you can ski and snowboard anywhere within resort boundaries provided they are considered safe by resort management. This means our insurance policies cover you "anywhere". Be it a pisted run or off piste up to your neck in snow, as long as the area is open and is considered safe then you are OK.


Heli Skiing Insurance


When doing these activities you are really travelling to areas which have not be groomed and are in their raw natural state. From a ski insurance perspective, underwriters tend to see these as particularly high risk activities and such you may have to pay an additional premium to cover this activity. However that's not to say that's always the case because many of our policies will cover you for Cat skiing as standard.


Back Country Ski Insurance 


Getting off the beaten track is one of the real joys of spending any time in the mountains. There is no denying that hiking up and looking for that virgin snow is as exhiliarating at it comes but as recent seasons have shown the risks in terms of injuries and fatalities is high. From an underwriters perspective they see this as a particularly high risk activity and such you will have to pay an additional premium to cover this activity as standard under a ski insurance policy.