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Lost and stolen money


Did you know?


• £566.(17) – Amount spent by each holidaymaker while overseas. (18) 
• 196,000 – The number of people helped with baggage and possessions claims in 2009. (19)


(17)Total world holiday spending abroad by UK residents divided by Total world holiday visits abroad by UK residents (21,787,000,000 / 38,492,000 = 566). 


(18) Quarterly Overseas Travel and Tourism - Quarter 1 2010 (Tables 19 and 22). National Statistics, 2010. http://www.statistics.gov.uk/downloads/theme_transport/mq6-q1-2010.pdf 
[Accessed: 05/10/10]


(19) ABI claims data, 2009.


Why does Ski insurance matter?


If your money is stolen while you are on holiday, ski travel insurance can provide compensation. This may be available as optional cover in the ‘Personal belongings’ section of a policy.


What does Ski insurance cover?


Ski holiday insurance policies might compensate for lost or stolen money while on a trip. As with baggage, you may choose not to take out this cover if your home contents insurance already provides cover for personal money away from the home.


Lost money will be compensated, up to a specified amount. A lower level of cover will be payable if the person is aged less than 16 or 18 years, depending on the policy. And if you need to make a claim, evidence of the loss and proof of ownership must be available.


Providers do cover lost and stolen money when it has been kept: 


• on your person; or
• in a secure safe or locked accommodation.


Policies do not cover scenarios where you have failed to take these precautionary steps.