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Legal expenses


Did you know?


• £9,000 – Cost of pursuing compensation for injuries sustained in a skiing accident. (30) 
• £7,000 – Legal fees when a 5-year old fractured his arm after riding his bike into a hole at a Spanish campsite. (31)


(30) Aviva claims record (by email). November 2010.


(31) Chartis claims record (by email). November 2010.


Why does Ski insurance matter?


If you are injured in an accident abroad, it can have a major impact on your life. This is particularly important when taking part in any activity, although accidents can happen at any time, so it is important to have this cover.


What does Ski insurance cover?


Most skiing insurance policies do provide cover for the cost of legal action to obtain compensation if you are injured in an accident abroad, and someone is responsible for that accident.


Policies do not provide cover when:


• A reasonable settlement is unlikely or the costs of legal action could 
be more than the settlement 
• The person is an employee or family member 
• The damage came about due to your business 
• The damage arose from a criminal or malicious act on your part