• Designed for Winter Sports
  • Off piste within resort areas
  • Upgrade for Higher Risk sports
  • Helicopter Rescue if needed
  • Instant Cover note by email


How do I make a claim?

Important Note - The images below are for illustrative purposes only. Please refer to your own personalized insurance certificates and policy wordings for the claim contact details for your own policy,


Emergency Medical Claims

For medical emergencies, please call our specialist multi-lingual emergency services for immediate help. Emergency contact numbers are shown on your policy certificate:

Claim Numbers


You can also find them at the top of your secure encrypted page:

How to claim
How to claim


When you contact them tell them that you are insured with the 'Online Travel Insurance Services Ltd' and give them the following information:


  • Your policy certificate number
  • your name
  • your address
  • your phone number abroad
  • the name and phone number of the hospital and the relevant doctor



For other claims


Call the number shown on your policy wording for a claim form as soon as you return from your trip.


Example of the claims procedure in a policy wording:

How to claim


Once completed send your claim form back to the assistance company within 28 days of your trip ending, along with any travel tickets and your ski insurance certificate. If you have received medical attention for an injury or sickness, you will need to send a medical certificate showing the nature of the problem, and any bills that you should have paid.


Note: If you have had your personal belongings stolen or you have had them lost or misplaced by an airline then please pay particular attention to the policy wording which details what documentation is required to support your claims. Claims maybe rejected if you cannot provide supporting documentary evidence.



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