• Designed for Winter Sports
  • Off piste within resort areas
  • Upgrade for Higher Risk sports
  • Helicopter Rescue if needed
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Baggage delay


Did you know?


• 72 hours – The time it usually takes British Airways to return delayed baggage to its owner. (10) 
• 21 days – The length of time baggage can be ‘delayed’ by the airline, before it is deemed to be ‘lost’ under aviation law. (11)
• 3,700 – The number of people insurers helped with baggage and possessions claims each week in 2009. (12)


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http://www.britishairways.com/travel/baggen/public/en_gb [Accessed: 22/11/10]


(11) Montreal Convention.


(12) ABI data, 2009.


Why does Ski insurance matter?


If your baggage is sent to a different destination, or left at the starting point due to no fault your own, it can be a very inconvenient start to your holiday.


What does Ski insurance cover?


Ski travel insurance policies do cover expenses for a limited amount of emergency supplies until your baggage arrives. They do not cover expenses for non-emergency items.


You must keep receipts for all emergency supplies and obtain a report from the carrier stating the length of the delay.