Ice hockey insurance


Ice hockey is a high speed contact sport which has very high risks associated with it and it's important that you have a wintersports ski insurance policy which has ice hockey covered as standard and which will provide full medical assistance if an incident occurs when taking part in this sport.


Your participation in the sport must be in a leisure, non professional capacity and you must chose cover for the full duration of your trip, not just the period you intend to play ice hockey.



Booking insurance online for Ice Hockey


The insurance booking engine above has been pre-programmed to return the correct premium to cover ice hockey as standard as well as any other sports in the same risk category or lower. These activities can be viewed on the results page under the activities tab or in the full policy wordings on display.


If you have an any queries about our winter sports ski insurance policies and need clarification on any aspects of the cover then do not hesitate to use livechat or call and speak to an agent on 08434 590 878, we are open 7 days a week to provide assistance.




Photo: Jamie McCaffrey Under licence.