• Designed for Winter Sports
  • Off piste within resort areas
  • Upgrade for Higher Risk sports
  • Helicopter Rescue if needed
  • Instant Cover note by email

FAQ - Booking online


Can I book a ski insurance policy safely online?

The answer to this is Yes and full details can be found by clicking here.


If I book a ski insurance policy online, what do I receive?

Having paid for a ski insurance policy online you automatically receive 2 emails.

The first is the confirmation for the amount you have paid. This will include the price for your policy and will include addtional charges such as postage costs and credit cards fees.

The second email is the confirmation of your policy certificate. The covering email has a link to the full policy wording and has attached to the email a PDF file. This PDF policy certificate provides all the details relating to you and your journey and describes in detail what numbers to call in an emergency. We advise that you print both the policy wording and the policy certificate and carry them safely with you.

If you fail to receive these emails then let us know and we can resend. Number to call is 0330 880 5099.



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